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Specifications Compatibility

UV Hybrid & UV Flatbed Printing

Latex Flatbed Printing

•  DriveOn Graphics substrate is printable by UV Hybrid and UV Flatbed printers with adjustable head height of at least 60 mil material thickness capacity.

•  No profiling is needed in most circumstances.

•  No overlaminate needed. Print direct to the surface.

•  Adhesive: Removable pressure sensitive. Trouble-free application.

•  Liner: 6 mil. polyethylene

•  Application: No heat, dry apply, end-user friendly installation. Compress by rolling vehicle wheels over or a tamper device with a minimum of 200 lbs load.

•  Usage: Indoor or Outdoor, asphalt, bitumen & concrete.

•  Life Expectancy: Up to 12 months and longer to deteriorate to "failure status" for printed graphics installed on compatible outdoor surfaces where moderate "rolling" vehicular traffic with limited "turning" vehicular traffic is present.  Longevity can vary depending on environmental impacts such as snow, street sweepers, severe tire abrasion, etc.  For full disclosure of life expectancy, please see our product outline available here.

•  Slip Resistance: AS HB198:2014 (AS/NZS 4586), ANSI A137.1/A326.3

•  Shelf Life: 1 year stored at 70 degrees F / 21 degrees C

•  For flatbed printing, it may be required for material to lay flat for 24 hours.

•  Contour Cutting: Router.  

•  Straight Line Cutting: Guillotine, Steel Rule Die Cut, Straight-edge Slicer

•  Installation & Removal: See Complete Installation Instructions Here

FloorSignage is known for taking the complexity out of producing long-lasting outdoor graphics.  DriveOn Graphics is no different! With direct-to-surface printing without the need of an overlam, your DriveOn driveway graphic is ready to install hot off the press!


And wait until you see how easy installation dry kidding! Checkout this installation video.

DriveOn Graphics features amazingly bright retro-reflectivity!


Image taken in complete darkness with only a phone light shining from 6ft distance. Photo is unedited and unfiltered!  Communication stands out even in the darkest environments.

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